Personal weapons training, self defence and individual combat tactics courses.

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Personal Security and Defence

Learn self defence from elite Special Operations warriors. Our courses can be tailored to the individual and customized to meet your personal goals. We offer classes for individuals, couples, or groups in a variety of areas including: Basic Weapon Training and Marksmanship and Personal Defense.

Courses Offered


  • Pistol
    • 1-4
  • Rifle
    • 1-4
  • Shotgun
    • Home defense
    • Competition
  • Combination
    • Multi gun
  • Precision Rifle
    • 1-2

Tactical Movement

  • Urban
  • Open Terrain


  • 1-3
  • Castle Doctrine
    • Home Defense

Concealed Weapons

  • Basic/State approved
  • Ops Basic NRA course
  • Advanced CCDW

Woman Only

  • Well-Armed Woman group

Active Shooter

  • CCDW Response
  • Survival


  • TCCC
  • Stop the Bleed
  • Post-Critical Incident Medical Response
    • Terrorist attack
    • Active shooter
    • Mass Casualty

Night Training

  • Night vision basic
  • Advanced Night Shooting Techniques


  • Basic Offensive/Defensive
  • Advanced High-Speed Vehicle Dynamics

Scenario Training

  • Ops Warrior
    • Monthly tactical scenario

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