Ops Warrior – Private Gunfighter Class

Location: 820 Buck Creek Rd, Simpsonville, KY 40067
Instructor: Aaron Reed
Phone: 502-802-5427
Office: 855.9.556.762 ex 700

Course Overview

One on one or couples training.  This course will begin at your skill level and advance you at your pace with a world class instructor.  You will receive training and consultation on everything dealing with becoming a skilled gunfighter with emphasis on whatever your goals may be.


Students will properly demonstrate and understand the following skills:
Proper equipment setup and employment
Efficient weapon use / Speed-stress shooting
Weapon manipulation
Firing from holster /draw in any position
Weapon employment from vehicles and structures
Weapon employment from home/office
Home defense tactics/strategy/planning
Multiple target negotiation
Shooting while moving
Team Tactics
Survivor/Warriors Mindset


  • UTM ammo will be an additional expense depending on your goals.
    - UTM Glock 19/17
    -3 pistol magazines
    -(2 mag) magazine pouch
    -ISW/OSW holster w/ Gun Belt
    -Clear eye protection
    *Students will use Ops United weapons for most training.
    *All gear available at Ops United
    *All UTM ammunition purchased from Ops United
    *All training is done with non-lethal UTM ammunition and allows students to train without danger of normal range shooting.

  • Experience:
  • Students must hold a valid driver license and legally allowed to own a firearm. CCDW is recommended but not mandatory.

  • Prior Classes:
  • No prior experience required.

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Gear Up

Get the weapons, ammo, and gear you need at Ops Supply.

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